ESBC '16

Activity 1:

       On the video by Alex Roberts I learned many things about Creative Commons. I learned it's much easier to use instead of telling everybody if they can use it or not. I learned that while using Creative Commons you always have to let people attribute to your work and you can also set other limits or restrictions.

Activity 3:


Pop, pop, popcorn in the pot.

Pop, pop , popcorn get it while it's hot.

Pop, pop, popcorn with butter on top.

Pop, pop, popcorn when I eat I can't stop.                                                   

Activity 4:

        Once apon a time in a scary creepy old mansion there was four people who lived in it also known as the Balgulure family. The father was a business man who was gone most of the time. The Mother was a teacher at the nearby school. and the twins John and Matthew went to school at their mother's school she teaches at. One scary spooky night there was an incident that happened that nobody in that family will forget except for the father because he was on a business trip. John and Matthew where just playing in there room when all of a sudden they hear a noise. CRASH and then a Bang and then a SCREECH. the two twins where unsure what to do if they should figure out the noise, or stay in place and call 911. 

It's your job to decide what happens next, write it down in the comments, and give me your blog URL too.

Activity: 5 


Image 1:
Image 2:  choice-for-best-cars-trucks-crossovers-suvs-and-hybrids
Image 3:

Activity 6:





Activity 7:
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