Saturday, December 10, 2016

Week 9 Edublog Blog Challenge

The wettest but coolest place to visit in Washington.

If you are looking for a new place to visit or see then go to Seattle, Washington! It rains like crazy, and gets pretty chilly in the winter and sometimes snows. but warm and beautiful in the summers. The Space Needle is the most well known building in Seattle for many reasons. Seattle has many other sights to see as well.

The weather in Washington has been weird lately sometimes it’s hot and sometimes it’s cold at weird times. Once it snowed in march but not in December or January. The average temperature is around 60 degrees. On the other hand the other side of Washington is a desert and very hot like California in the summer. If it’s a clear day you might even see Mt.Rainier.

There are so many attractions and sights to see and go to. One of them is the pike place market, that’s where the original Starbucks is. Another one is the gum wall, it’s pretty gross, people put their gum on that wall and it stays there for a while along with everyone else's gum. One of my most favorite places to go is the science center it’s right next to the Space Needle another one of my favorite attractions. If you want to see other Seattle attractions here is a website to see more attractions.

The reason how I know so many things about Seattle is because I lived there for 8 years. If you read my 7 random facts about me you would now that I lived in Washington where Seattle is for that long. Seattle has so many cool things that I didn’t even cover. If I were to go somewhere it would be Seattle, where would you like to go?  

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